Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Dream Debauchery

So, dreams can be a bit crappy sometimes. I had a vivid dream last night. Not a nice one at that.

It basically involved R cheating on me with a random mutual acquaintance, returning back to our room and describing the entire episode to me and answering questions posed by our housemates B1 and B2…who for some reason were also there.

I know this didn’t really happen. Moreover, I know it would never actually happen.

But when I woke up….

I was pissed.


Like really pissed. I looked over to see R still sweetly asleep, all curled up next to me with my arm around her…and I was annoyed. I yanked my arm out from under her head, which oddly didn’t wake her up, and I scooched to the other end of the bed so we weren’t touching (which, I would like to point out is very difficult in a twin bed). This still didn’t wake her, so I ended up just randomly announcing to her semi-conscious body that she had dream-cheated on me and should be ashamed.

She just kind of grunted and apologised and scooched over to hug me as I silently stewed in my irrational anger while being spooned.

It reminded me of this Michael McIntyre sketch. (Oh, he's a funny man)

I hope you guys understand. Maybe you too have had irrational dream cheating episodes with involving your girlfriend partner type person?


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