Friday, 23 September 2011

Fresh Meat

So the start of a new university year obviously means an influx of new students. AKA freshers. Or fresh meat, if you will. 

A few days ago we had our yearly fair where a load of societies, sports teams and local companies get together and present whatever it is they do and hand out oodles of freebies. Though actually, this year, the freebies were not so oodlesome (that’s right, i’m making up words now) – very disappointing when you’re a poverty-ridden student who only has working pens for the year if they were stolen from the aforementioned fair. I think all I managed to forage were a few pitiful sweets and some free food. These fairs are pretty standard for universities in the UK, as are LGBT societies, which T and I are of course members of.

So a new flock of freshers also means a whole gaggle of gays to join our society, or at least hopefully a whole gaggle. But judging by the number of gays I’ve seen (okay, by that I mean people who look gay and I have disgustingly stereotyped and assumed they are) there should be quite a few. Of course I spent a good portion of my time on campus yesterday scouring the crowds for potential fresh meat for the society. Whether they be flamboyant out-and-proud homos or timid newbies to the gay world about to have their first experience of having LGBT friends. 

Either way, it’s very exciting. I remember being one of those new LGBT’ers, simultaneously thrilled at the prospect of having fellow queers to hang out with but also a little intimidated by the big bad gay world. Oh those were the days.

Interestingly a lot of LGBT students don’t actually join the society. Last year I was constantly meeting people who were out and proud and yet had no inclination to be part of our little group (little being an inaccurate description, as we’re actually pretty big). Apparently, and who’d have thought it, LGBT societies do not have the greatest reputation at times. What madness! *cough*Grama*cough*

No doubt T and I will scout the newbies and let you know what we’ve got this year! I for one am quite excited.

- R

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