Friday, 9 September 2011

Home Alone

So R has gone.

Not gone-gone. Just gone in the sense that she has awesome parents who will pay to take her on a cruise around Europe for a week.

So I’ve just gotten back from taking her to the train station. It wasn’t one of those romantic goodbyes from movies with a loving embrace on the platform. Mainly due to the barriers being down and me not being able to get past them as I didn’t have a ticket. It was more of a “I’ve bought you a cup of tea. Don’t die while I’m gone.” and an awkward hug over the ticket barrier, kind of farewell.

We’re a romantic pair.

But now I’m alone in the house that apparently is home to all manner of wildlife including spiders as big as my hand (no exaggeration there of course.....) and no girlfriend to help me out when I am cowering on my bed from tiny ( and possibly dead) rodents.

I’ve basically solely hung out with girls for so long now that I seem to have forgotten how to talk to males that aren’t my brother (who is in London) or gay (who are as useless with dead mice as I am). So if anything major were to go awry in the next few days that required a masculine presence, I’m a tad screwed.  That is of course until my slightly butch housemate B moves in. Which is soon.

But really, what should I talk to guys about? The only thing we have in common is a great love of tits and that conversation really doesn't last that long. And then there's always the awkward silence....


Anyway, it would be worse I guess if it was the other way around and I had left on holiday as R isn’t that great on the cooking front and admitted to me a while ago that the year before she met me she lived off microwave rice and baked beans.


But anyways, as R is away for a week, you are stuck with just me blogging for now.

Sorry about that.

(Please give me ideas on what to ramble about. It would be very helpful)