Thursday, 8 September 2011


For the sake of making pitiful attempts at maintaining at least a minor image of coolness, there are a few things I don’t mention that often to people in my life. And one of those is my perhaps slightly geeky love for comics. 

When people think of gay comic book characters, the majority of people will instantly jump to Batman and Robin. Understandably. Let’s be honest, if any of us came across a couple of dudes who spent all of their time prancing around together in tights, we’d jump to that conclusion too. 

But no no, DC comics would have nothing to do with this, so in came Batwoman, the luscious love interest of Batman in vain hopes of debunking the infamous Batman and Robin homo hearsay. So that was that rumour quashed. Allegedly. Personally I always speculated (or perhaps just hoped) that Wonder Woman would end up on our team. After all, she’s a macho, muscular lady from a community composed only of butch women where she can frequently be found engaging in what can only be described as bondage with fellow females. But i’m sure she’s just being playful...

All of this is fairly unsurprising. Everyone assumes the gayness of these characters. But not every gay seems to be aware of Batwoman’s sexual preference for the ladies, especially after her lusty affair with Batman. But that’s fine, we all had our hetero moments back in the day.

Anyway, this queer comic convo was brought on by the fact that DC comics are for the first time releasing a new set of comics featuring our very own sapphic superhero, Batwoman. So whether you’re a comic book fan or not, I highly recommend checking it out, even if you do just want to support our first LGBT superhero getting their own comic. Or at least to see some saucy lesbian animations.


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