Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Public Displays of Grimness

Whilst I was cruising last week (the boat kind, not the naughty sex kind) one of the places I visited was Italy, namely Naples and Rome. One of the first things I noticed about certain Italian couples was that they were.... well, perhaps a little too comfortable with their PDA. And by that, I mean they had no qualms with spending a good 20 minutes fervently eating each other’s faces whilst I uncomfortably averted my gaze, only to find it land upon another ravaging couple on the next bench. 

Geez. I was only trying to innocently enjoy a little ice cream in the park, and I was accidentally treated to a live sex show. Okay, slight exaggeration, but let’s roll with it.

I’ve always considered myself to be fairly comfortable with public displays of affection to a certain extent. But this just disturbed me. Perhaps I would have been more at ease if the park was filled with dashing lesbians instead.

Maybe this is just a bit of a cultural difference, or maybe I happened to stumble into the local dogging spot. Who knows. But this got me thinking about what was and was not acceptable. Is there a defined level of affection that is socially allowed in public? Clearly these parameters should be defined so as to avoid the stomach-churning sights detailed above. See exhibit A, badly drawn lusty image.
Why yes, I clearly am something of an artist.

Perhaps T and I should conduct a little social experiment and see just how publicly affectionate we can get until it becomes a massive taboo.

If the blog suddenly goes dead, it’s because we’ve been arrested for indecent exposure or something.

- R

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