Friday, 16 September 2011

Sell my Skivvies?

So one evening, after much wine and the strangely tasty combination of apple schnapps and coke, a conversation between me, R and a group of friends took a disturbing turn.

I was shocked (and oddly interested) to learn that people sell old, worn, gross pants online. And get a lot for them...well...£10. But for a pair of my old worn pants, that seems quite a fortune. At the time, I dimly remember me and R totally being up for selling our used underlings and to hell with the moral/emotional consequences of fuelling some grim person’s fetish for recycled briefs.

Needless to say I investigated further.

It seems that eBay banned this practice under the health and safety side of things, which is fair enough. But there are plentiful sites out there that will happily let you sell them. Apparently you get more for them if pictures come with it and if you commit certain...*ahem*...”acts” whilst wearing them.

The people know what they want.

I even found a site that gave tips on how to get the best prices. Silk underwear sells for more if the person is after the texture, but cotton is best for the customer who has an appetite for...aromas.

I have a feeling it was around this point that my mind started to mentally run screaming in the opposite direction and I stopped my research.
It’s good to have a backup plan for sporadic money making anyway...


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