Sunday, 25 September 2011

Smell my Feet

So me and R are going through an adjustment period. 

We are adjusting to how we’re meant to act in the presence of other people again. We’re just not used to it.

It was solely me and R living in our little house for so long, that the prospect of returning to Uni and being in public again is actually quite daunting.

I have forgotten all social and societal normalities.

Then there’s always the fact that we won’t be able to stay in bed and doss about and such things for the majority of the day. There’s crappy boring things like lectures and labs and semina…ZzZzZzZ

It’s dull.

But the other day, on one of our rare ventures out of the house, we were hanging about with our friend S and scoffing our faces with nachos, when, for some odd and unknown reason, the subject of my foot odour came up.

 I would like to point out that my feet do not smell. To prove this fact, I promptly stuck my foot under R’s nose, to which she, with no hesitation…smelt it.

What else are you to do if someone sticks a foot under your nose?


At this point, S was just staring silently at us before declaring that we were entirely too comfortable with each other.


Am I not allowed to do that in public? Did I cross some unspoken, social foot-nose rule? So it’s going to be difficult readjusting to the public lifestyle and not being able to do weird things. R will have to learn that when she needs to burp, it is apparently unacceptable for her to blow it in my face. In the same way that I will have to restrain myself from openly staring at R’s tits all the time.

Rough times.


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  1. Awww...that was so cute. The truth is, when you love somebody, real love makes u adapt to loving them whole heart idly.....I was strongly attracted to the smell of my loves arm pits...LOL....MAYABLEUZ