Monday, 5 September 2011

T and R vs The Wasp

Well tonight was terrifying. 

T and R vs the wasp.

Evil evil things.

It turned into a  showdown involving furniture polish, a pint glass and a piece of cardboard and R not quite being able to work out what to do with our captive and in the end, going for a combination of gassing and crushing.

It’s dead now anyway.

But I think this is the problem with lesbian relationships. There’s no guy to get rid of bugs and other such grim things.

Me and R moved into our new house together just over a month ago and it would seem that we are in need of a masculine presence. For instance, we have not had hot water since we’ve been here. I am at war with our boiler.

The bugs seem to infiltrate my room every which way and neither of us is particularly valiant or heroic in that area and so generally end up watching from the door way in the hope that they will just fly back out the window.

For a while we lived in fear that a mouse had decided to move in with us, so much so that it got to the point of me loudly announcing to a pet store that I “just want to kill it” when offered a humane trap alternative.

The mouse trap is still empty. Who knows whether we are just crazy lesbians imagining small rodents, or if there is actually a mouse cleverly evading my chocolate loaded traps. For some reason, in my head, this problem would never happen with a man present. He would know. He would kill it. He would then dispose of it so I didn’t have to feel residual guilt. It would be good.

I think R needs to butch up, and work out the boiler already.


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