Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Role-Play To You!

So it’s R’s birthday soon.

And you know what birthdays mean….

Birthday sex.
Birthday Sex

Obligation-free sex which happens on or around someone's birthday. Usually initiated by the birthday boy/girl's partner, and involving a mix of acts which more favour the birthday boy/girl's preferences.

The usual rules of reciprocation and mutual pleasure are temporarily suspended, and the birthday girl/boy is considered free to cum whenever and wherever the fuck they please.

E.g. “Nah, can't come out tonight... I'm hoping for birthday sex.”

So, me and R had a comically serious conversation about what this would include and we settled on a little light role-play.
Slight problem…

Neither of us has ever tried this before, which leads me to believe it will be amazingly awesome, or cringe-worthily shit.

 We have had some bad experiences in the past with planned sex…it just never seems to work out, and has on occasion ended up with us just giving up and nursing our physical and mental injuries (you really don’t want to know).

So…how will this work?

Do I get ready in my room have R come in at some sort of signal? If so, what am I meant to be doing? Lying on the bed? Standing seductively/awkwardly in the corner? Pressed up against the wall? Hiding under the bed?

No idea.

Or does R wait in her room while I get ready in another and make a mad dash across the hall way when I’m ready and pray that B1 and B2 aren’t hanging about to see me in all my costume glory?

It’s a tricky one.
We both agreed that role-play dialoguing is strictly forbidden as the whole “I’ve been a bad, bad girl” thing doesn’t appeal, and it more likely to end with hysterical laughter than any form of orgasm.

And how about my room? Blatantly I will tidy it as right now it looks along the lines of this
 …but what to do? Do I go all out and decorate it in a fitting theme? Or just light some candles?

Role play seems a lot of effort.

Nevertheless I shall report back.



  1. You will ALWAYS get caught in the mad dash across the hallway. Getting caught by a bunch of guys in nothing but suspenders and a slutty goth coat thing was highly embarassing.

    Tell her to come up to the room in 10 minutes, get ready, sit on the bed and enjoy the awesome sex the ensues.

  2. Ah, sad times. I hope the sex was good enough to make up for the embarrassment.

    There was a mad dash, but no being caught (thank God) as I ran across the hall.

    And yes I did *ahem*...enjoy.

    Thanks ^_^