Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hocking My Hosiery Part 2

So, my tights didn’t sell.

3 people watched them
2 people asked if I did “naughty pics”
1 person asked if I did “private modelling”
0 people bid

Sad times.

I could have been onto a winner there.

But, being the procrastinating student that I am, I decided to do some more research into it.

The pair with the highest bid on them right now is £26.

What is it that gets these bids? How can I make my hosiery clad legs seem more appealing?
So I compiled a list of things that apparently get the bidding ball rolling.

-Nude sheer tights sell best (Mine were black)

-A variety of pictures is needed. 5+ seems to be best.

- Mention that they are tattered and well worn in the description.

- Wear heels

- A low starting price (but that one’s kind of obvious)

- A back-story. A lot of the selling ones are cheerleader or air hostess tights.

Anyway, while doing my research, I looked at a profile of a particularly successful lady who had a lot of feedback, to see if she in fact sold anything other than used worn tights...

She didn't.

And then I thought....I wonder if there are people out there who in fact only buy nothing other than used worn tights...

There were.

Loads of them.

There was one person who had bought 850 "private" items. (So I couldn't actually see what the items were, but a lot of them were from this successful lady)


I think you just need to get a couple of regulars and you're in.

Mmmm...what do you think...?

Should I try again?

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