Monday, 10 October 2011

Hocking My Hosiery

So….remember when I talked about this?

 I happened across a slightly less shameful and embarrassing version of it and have apparently reached the point in my financial life where I have deemed it acceptable.

Pages and pages of “Worn old SEXY tights” on eBay.

So I have joined the ranks of ladies who think it’s a good idea to put pictures of hosiery clad legs up on the internet to see how much their stockings are worth.

Oh my.

It was an experience to be sure.

While I ransacked my room to see if I could find a pair of sexy heels, before remembering that I only own one pair and they are bright green, R sifted through the current “sexy tights” listings in the name of research, to see what poses and descriptions help to get the highest bids.

Then we had to tidy away any incriminating evidence in my room lest anyone stumble across my listing and recognise my room. (Which basically involved chucking everything under the bed).

Then came the awkwardly hilarious experience of having R being my photographer and saying things like “just be sexy” which ended with me pulling poses like this.
Needless to say it took a while…and my face was banned from being in the pictures.

But it is done.

My legs are on eBay for the world to see.

…and hopefully bid for.

I shall keep you informed.


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