Friday, 7 October 2011

Pervy Problems

Now this is a problem that I’m sure every lesbian who goes out clubbing has experienced. Or at least if you go to non-gay clubs. So you’re on the dance floor, you’re a little bit drunk and having a bit of a solo dance with a nice lady. Maybe it’s your long-term girlfriend, maybe it’s some chick you met 3 minutes ago at the bar. Either way, go you. You’re dancing, perhaps it’s getting a bit close and grindy and sure enough moments later you’re happily making out.

But of course when you eventually come up for air, you glance around and, sure enough, you are both surrounded by a sea of very pleased looking lads.


The other night T and I were out in a club with a load of our predominantly gay friends. We drank. We danced. We laughed. All in all, a very good evening. However I do have a slightly hazy recollection of a certain relevant dance floor incident. So there I was innocently having a little dance with my woman and, of course, soon enough there is some alcohol-fuelled intimacy going on. Lo and behold when we break away there’s a decent sized group of lads having a bit of a perv. Now, I’ve come to accept that if I make out with my girlfriend in public it is bound to attract the attention of certain males. I mean honestly, if I see two ladies having a bit of a snog, I will most likely have a cheeky glance. So generally I would just roll my eyes at these ogling lads and ignore it.


On this particular occasion, we looked up to see one bloke with his camera pointed at us. Hmmm.

T and I, being unaware that we had apparently agreed to be his own personal porn stars, were not particularly impressed. However the problem was soon rectified when a gay boy friend of ours was charming enough to give this lad a telling off.

Oh, and I may or may not have slapped him.... Ooops.

Perhaps there’s a better way of dealing with pervy gazing guys?

- R

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