Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Geeky Gay Extravaganza

So the most awesome weekend in the entire world is approaching in a few weeks.

World pride day is on the 7th July and the following day is comic-con.


Of course because of the magnificence of this weekend, all hostels and relatively cheap hotels have been entirely booked up, leaving me and R to kip on the tiny floor of my brother’s London flat.


But I have a confession to make

*…I’ve never been to pride*

I know! It’s horrendous. I just never had the chance. I lived with uber-catholic parents before leaving on my gap year where I did Christian youth work…so really…never a great time to go.

But now I’m at uni and my chance has finally come! And just in time for WORLD pride as well. R has been to her fair share of pride events (as she’s been out for aaaaaages) and from what she’s told me it sounds amazing. The size of the crowds scare me a little and I’m not good at talking to people I don’t know…so I'm not allowing R to leave my side. She is my chaperone.

I’m a little daunted by the prospect of my first pride being the 2012 world pride. When I think of pride, something along the lines of this pop into my mind;

Of course, not also forgetting

But I’ve always wanted to do this

And have signs like this.

It will be glorious

I will have a weekend full of gay and geeky fun

(I have a weakness for Yuri manga. If you don’t know what that is…you should totally look that shit up)

Now I want to create a funny and witty sign to carry at pride that will make everyone think I am original and hilarious.

The only problem is that I am neither of these things.

But I have been trying in vain for a couple of months now to come up with something amazing, and all that has happened is I have spent far too many hours on google looking up signs like this

So please, show me your favourite signs. Make suggestions. Help me!

...and also come to pride because it will be awesome.


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  1. This will be my first pride too, and I'm going on my own! Scary! Can't wait though.