Monday, 11 June 2012

No Excuse

So I have no excuse.

None at all, that will explain the absence of both blog posts and tweets for the past 6 months.
My life has been inexplicably dull. And it’s hard to write about things that are happening when the most exciting thing right now in my life is that B1 gifted myself and R with 2 gerbils that have been attempting numerous escapes since the moment we got them. Both have managed an escape once. With Gerbil one being missing for 3 days before we found her in R’s closet, and Gerbil 2 being spotted on top of her cage just as she escaped captivity.
They’ve been chewing through their cage, and consequently my notebooks that were piled on top to thwart further escapes, non-stop since their arrival.
 I hate them.
But I’m sorry about not posting.

And my life has been so dull of late that it will in fact only take one post to bring you back up to speed, because aside from exams…nothing much has happened.
Though I guess the main piece of news is that R and I are moving in together.
I realise we live together already. But I don’t really count it as we are also in the constant presence of B1 and B2. (As well as one of R’s exes who B1 has decided to befriend…but that’s another story).
So we’re moving in together. 
All grown up like.
Other than the new rodents in our lives and the new flat that awaits us in August…everything is pretty much the same. The house mates are still messy and grumpy. I’m still crap at doing any form of productive uni work. And we are still catching the occasional mouse in our mouse trap. (Luckily not gerbils though. Gerbil 1 escaped and cleverly managed to avoid the trap.)
I promise I will be better in future with posting.
R is too.
Our bad.

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