Thursday, 21 June 2012

Summer Lovin'?

So me and R are students.

Last year by the time it reached the summer holidays we’d only been together 3 months or so, which meant a painful 5 weeks with only phone and skype contact as we both returned to our respective homes.

It was sucky

But now, having been together for a year and a bit, it seems acceptable that we should stay together over the holidays.


So, the first 2 weeks of the holiday will be spent with R and her family. Which will be fantastic as her parents have a seemingly endless supply of alcohol and they never fail to get me drunk at dinner.


Then the second 2 weeks will be spent with my family…

It’s not so bad anymore. But it used to be horrendous. 

My mother (never one who was down with the gays) would be coldly civil to R and make unnecessary remarks to me. She would avoid my bedroom door like the plague and would rather send text messages to me than call up the stairs or knock. 

Jokes. R is tiny tiny.

It was crazy.

And this summer will be the first time that R will stay at my house with my Mother being normal.

Hurrah again!

But it got me thinking… Do we spend too much time together?

The age old “lesbian urge to merge”.

We live together.
We will be spending all summer together.
Then we’re moving in together.
Then going on a week long holiday with R and her family…

And I recently had a conversation with my guy-friend JC who hasn’t got a place to stay for a few weeks at the end of the summer and so is living with his girlfriend for a brief stint.

He’s bricking it. 

It’s only a few weeks and he’s already asked if he can crash with me and R in the spare room for a few days.

Now I have no idea if it’s just because straight relationships are different, or if me and R are just extremely odd with our desire to spend pretty much every moment in each other’s presence or maybe just that JC is secretly scared of his girlfriend…but it’s making me wonder about how much time together is too much.

I know this is where the lesbian bed-death myth comes from (it's a myth right? ...Right?) as lesbian couples spend inordinate amounts of time together and become more like sisters/best-friends than a couple.

So awaiting me and R is months of nothing but each other’s company and nothing much to do.

Is this when LBD will strike? (Coupled with the fact that our parents will always be home, and let’s face it, sex when your parents are in the house is always weird and never as good.)

It doesn’t feel like it at the moment. It’s kind of hard to imagine right now.
Now I’m sure you don’t want to hear (and I don’t particularly want to write) about mine and R’s sex life in detail…

But it’s earth-shattering. (The term “earth-shattering” was suggested by R, who did not approve when I used the word “fine”)

LBD seems like some far off problem that will sneak up when we’re years into marriage. R will be sat in her study while I sit watching the TV, knitting. Some saucy advert will pop on to the TV and I’ll scoff at it, when it’ll suddenly hit me that I haven’t had sex in 9 years.

(Writing that made me a little sad)

I’m sure me and R are safe at least for another few years. But how can LBD be avoided? In fact…is it even real?

Has anyone experienced/had a close call with LBD? Or better, have any tips for staving it off?


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