Sunday, 8 July 2012

Geeky Gay Extravaganza- Part 2

So guess where all the gays were this weekend?


Not just any pride! World Pride!

Including me, R and S.

I was worried what with all the talk of it being scaled down/cancelled etc. But it is, apparently, impossible to scale down the gays.


We met S and watched the parade before wandering back to my brother’s house…which was quite far away from the parade.

I feel a graph would best explain how things went

For a while I couldn’t work it out, before remembering that we looked like a rainbow had vomited on us.

Covered in rainbow flags, whistles, hats and some face paint that a kindly Italian man in the parade threw on our faces, we were calmly wandering round Tesco’s asking the attendants where the bottle openers were.

On our return to central London, (where the weird looks ceased) we discovered that people were being denied entry into Trafalgar Square if they were carrying any alcohol.


We’d just stocked up and happened to have 2 bags full of cider.

So we sat down, with the other 300 gays who had also made the same mistake as us, and had a drink…or two…

Trafalgar Square entertainments died down and we decided to move on to the infamous Soho party.

Oh God.

Now, I may have never mentioned that I am slightly agoraphobic. I can’t deal with big crowds.

I felt like I was drowning in people.

And it went on forever.

We finally found a space where there was enough space to breath and wandered about until we stumbled across a pub. And there we stayed. 

A couple of drinks later and like a bunch of old ladies, the 3 of us were ready to head home.

I'd had my fill of pride. (And you couldn't pay me to head back into that huge Soho crowd of death.)

A movie and a drink later and we were hitting the hay.

A nights sleep later and S was heading home as me and R headed off to Comic Con. 

My inner geek was very happy.

There are few places in the world where you can look up to see this sight.
 I stupidly left R in charge of my camera, and when I looked through the photos later she had taken millions of photos of Robert Maschio.


Thanks R.

But Comic Con was awesome. I saw some of my favourite actors and spent far too much money that I don't have on unnecessary jewellery.

  It was such an excellent weekend. 

But if you try to talk to R about it, all she will do is gush about how we saw Stephen Fry.


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