Sunday, 19 August 2012

Dancing Queen

A little while ago my hometown did something pretty awesome. They held their first gay pride. Wooo! This is a pretty big deal. The pride events around the UK tend to be held in the big cities – London, Birmingham, Leeds and so on. Whereas my hometown is a piddly little place with not much going for it. Granted we do have a disproportionately large LGBT population, so this was probably a long time coming. Seriously, I see so many homos wandering around when I go home to visit that I may as well be at one gigantic, constant gay pride.

But anyway, T and myself of course decided that we had to go and show our support. I didn't expect much. A town’s first attempt at Pride? I was half expecting an awkward congregation of a few dykes waving rainbow flags on the street corner, mumbling about gay rights and whatnot. Not quite the wild time one would be hoping for.

How wrong I was. Thankfully, I was instead faced with something a bit like this:

(Except slightly smaller… and not set in India – I didn’t take any photos okay, gimme a break)
It was great! We paraded through the streets and danced before the gaping onlookers, some entertained by the proceedings and some looking, quite frankly, a bit pissed off. Understandably, we were wreaking havoc on the traffic a bit. There was then an awesome afternoon of hot sunshine, cold beer and an array of bands and performers as well as a bit of the old equal rights malarkey. Just how Pride should be.

A little while ago we went to World Pride in London, supposedly one of the biggest Pride events in the world (or so I would assume based on the name). Well shame on them, because I had a much better time at this little first-time gay pride.

All in all, it was a glorious day of flamboyant fun and frolics!

But here I am being all proud in my comfy little town when…

… meanwhile in Uganda…

All of a sudden our pride parades seem pretty tame and pitiful in comparison.

These badasses are strutting their queer thing knowing that any second they could be arrested and killed! (But then again, any attackers could easily be smothered in that gigantic blatant flag.)

Good to see the whole world prancing around parading their gayness, but it kind of makes our safe, legal, quiet little parades look a bit lame.

- R

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