Sunday, 12 August 2012

Everyone's At It

So I seem to be slacking on the blogging front of late.

In my defence, nothing interesting has happened to me. Me and R moved into our new house, we’ve settled down, and have been working hard at our respective part-time jobs. Other than that…zilch.
This is the problem I have with the summer. People are slowly drifting back to Uni from their parental homes. Students feel too lazy to actually organise things to do. Everyone is still broke from paying the deposits on their houses, and we all sit in wait for the glorious moment when our loans come through and we can pretend we’re rich for a week or so, before we remember we have rent to pay.

There’s nothing happening.

You know what I’m looking forward to? Fresher’s week.

Ahhh yes. A whole new gaggle of baby gays. Students who have finally moved out from under their parents thumb and feel the freedom to come out of those dusty closets. A chance to break away from friends back home and start over as their new gay self.
 You know what I’m not looking forward to? Grama.


Oh the gay-drama that surrounds our Uni’s LGBT society.

There is always some form of grama going on, and I’m starting to see a little pattern developing.  Last year, there was some major grama going on with the gay-boys. Of the specifics, I’m not too sure, because I am a terrible gossip and can never even remember anyone’s name. But I am told there was much scandal between the boys. The year before this, it was the lesbians turn. Unfortunately, that year’s grama centred around R and myself, as well as various other lesbians…and it was all just very messy.
 …Let’s not get into that.

But 3 years ago, my sources tell me that it was another year of the boys back-stabbing.

This would make it seem like this year, it’s time for the lady-lovers to rear their scandalous heads. I’m not looking forward to this. Being as socially inept as I am, I never have any idea if someone is hitting on me/mad at me/wary of me. I’ve no idea. Unfortunately this means that I’m never aware that I am involved in grama until it is too late. 
I was in fact that last person to know that R liked me.


On the upside, I should never be short of things to write about with all of this lady-drama whirring about.


…kind of.


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