Saturday, 25 August 2012

Golden Touch

As if we didn’t already have enough labels.  Here’s another.

Gold star lesbians.

Urban dictionary
A lesbian who only has had sexual intercourse with ladies.
E.g. - Shane is such a Gold Star, no man has been near her chocho

Which apparently means I am a gold star.

I don’t really feel like I deserve such a title. I grew up on a strict Catholic household where boys were a taboo subject. By the time I left home and boys could be a possibility, I realised I didn’t really warm to the idea of having a naked one of them anywhere near me.

So I feel like I cheated.

I had one boyfriend when I was 16, G, who of course my parents hated. Oh he was a sweetheart. I met him at band practice, (yes, I was a band geek. Hush.) and we were together for about 9 months.
…it didn’t end well.

He did well to hold out for 9 months in his defence. But when it comes down to it, he was a horny 17 year old boy whose girlfriend would barely tolerate second base.

I don’t blame the boy.

So now I am (apparently) “revered” among lesbians. But surely this isn’t something that lesbians talk about?

Exes? Yes.
Cats? Of course.
Veganism? You don’t even need to ask.
Gold star-ism? …not really.
And does gold star-ism have the potential to influence a lesbian dating decision? Are there lesbian connoisseurs? Or are gold stars meant to couple up? (Awkward)

Would any of you lady lovers deny someone a date based on a past man loving experience?

And what would cause one to lose their stardom? If on some fateful drunken night, you slip and end up spanking some guys monkey…does that count? (Purely hypothetical. I’ve never spanked any kind of monkey.) Or does it have to be the whole shebang?
But maybe there’s a reason it’s never talked about. We lesbians have enough conflicts and division from outside the LGBT community without adding some internal division into the mix.

No one wants to hear about how one lesbian is “superior” to them because of some awkward, slightly curious experience they had when they were 16, with their high school boyfriend.

So why all the hype?



  1. I have to admit... I do think there's something pretty cool about being a gold star! *runs and hides from all the non gold stars*

    Love the blog guys. One of my faves! =)

  2. ha..ha...right, let's also create a division between those who like black licorice and those who liek the red.

    We might as well label tuna cans that only gold star lesbians can consume