Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

So you know what I don’t understand?

Angry sex.

 I just don’t understand it. Me and R had one of our pointless little tiffs that are about nothing a week or so ago, we were annoyed at each other, we sulked, we ignored each other, we missed each other, made up, then had sex.

But I’m pretty sure this isn’t angry sex. From what I hear, angry sex is where you’re right in the throes of a fight….and then sex just spontaneously happens. And it’s good sex. All anger and passion and throwing each other about and being rough.

Don’t get me wrong. This sounds very good. I am not opposed to this sort of sex at all. But there is just one problem…when me and R are “arguing”, the last thing I want to do is have sexy times.

I am annoyed. She is probably not my favourite person in the world at that moment. And it is likely that I am fantasising about kicking her in the shins.

Why would this seem like a good time for sex?

In fact, if at this point she tried it on, it is plausible that I would push her off the bed and tell her to fuck off. So at least me and R are angry-sex compatible, in that neither of us really are into it. Which is definitely a good thing or it could lead to some potentially awkward moments where I go to make a move on R in the heat of things and end up getting slapped. 

So can anyone shed some light for me?

Am I missing something crucial to get me in the mood whilst being pissed off?

Help me fellow lady-lovers, I want this experience in my life!


(...Completely irrelevant, but when googling "angry sex" I came across this picture and you all must see it.)

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  1. Well, they say sex is a wonderful stress reliever and fights/arguments are crazy stressful so... ;)