Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sea Of Love

So I’ve just returned from my first cruise.

It was awesome. Despite the power cuts, bad weather, last minute change of ports and a brief bought of food poisoning, it was an extremely excellent holiday. In fact, our last minute diversion because of the bad weather led us to what is now one of my favourite port towns.
Yes...I now own this shirt.
The food was abundant (I don’t recommend the lamb jalfrezi for aforementioned reasons) and the cocktails were free flowing (courtesy of R’s parents). It was an splendid week.

You wouldn’t think that a young lesbian couple would blend in very well in a boat full of doddering old couples and huge groups of women in their 50s wearing pink cowboy hats (don’t ask), but I don’t remember getting one weird look.

There was the one awkward moment where our Housekeeper asked us if we were sisters as we exited our cabin.

Ahhh, the long blundering hesitation as we considered going along with the easy lie, but instead opted for the vague answer of “umm..well…no”. And then promptly left.
The housekeeper diligently turned down our tiny single beds every night and re-made them every morning. Never once commenting on the fact that one of them was always unslept in, and that both of our pyjamas were always on the same bed. We tried subtle hints, like putting both sets of PJs under the pillow rather than casually thrown on the duvet.

Nothing was working.

On a whim, before we left for dinner one night, I tied the legs of our PJ trousers together.


This is what we returned to.
Along with a super couple-y formal picture that we had bought the day before propped up on our dresser.

Now I don’t know if it was the tied pyjamas, the photo or a combined effect of the unslept-in bed, but I’m glad the penny dropped for her.  She was such a sweetheart about it too. The next day we ran into her outside our cabin and she asked if we were okay in the tiny single bed we were squeezing into every night, suggesting that she could push the two beds together if we wanted. What a darling.

The fact that the photo was propped up on the dresser concerned me slightly in case it meant she had subtly been mooching through our things.

Or she might have found...our stash.
That’s right! WE STOLE TEABAGS!
(…and also hid our complementary biscuits each night so the Housekeeper would refill them every morning.)


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  1. Ahahahaha...the teabags!!! I think all gay women probably have good hotel stories.