Sunday, 21 October 2012

You Know I'm No Good

I am a terrible employee.

Really. I’m awful. I am in fact so awful, that tomorrow I am quitting my job before they can fire me.
If people were given one word to describe me, I guarantee you that they would all use the same word.

 I am the scattiest person in the entire world ever.

I forget everything.
I write things down on scrap paper and then throw it away.
I will lose my phone on an hourly basis.
I also never answer my phone.
I can’t remember people’s names for the life of me.

And apparently, I also don’t turn up to my shifts at work anymore.

Twice now, I have received a string of increasingly angry voice mails off my supervisor asking where I am, because my shift started at 2 and it’s now 4 and I’m not there. 

And I’ve no excuse.

As my supervisor frequently tells me, there is no excuse for it. He’s right. There’s not.

In my defence, both times that this has happened, I have been off doing other productive type things. The first time, I was actually at my other job, because I had unknowingly taken 2 work shifts at the same time.  The second time, I was at home typing up a million lab-reports.

So now I’m quitting.
I don’t know why I thought I could keep up with 2 jobs, my lectures, my labs, assignments, lab reports and a faint whiff of a social life, when I can barely remember where I put my keys each morning.

But I’ve never had to quit a job before…what do I do/say? Do I look shamed? Should I point out the obvious truth in that I’m doing all parties involved a favour? Do I make up a sob story about how hard my life is?

So wish me luck!


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