Monday, 11 February 2013

Whip My Hair

I have always consider T and myself to be fairly girly for a lesbian couple. She wears skirts, I sometimes don a dress (okay, not too often). She likes flowery things, I’m a poncy wuss. Most significantly, we both have lovely long flowing locks of hair.

How delightfully girly.

... or at least that was the case.

We’ve been talking about cutting our hair off for a while now, so finally decided to suck it up and join the world of our short-haired Sapphic sisters.

So yesterday, at approximately 5pm, the two of us shuffled nervously into our local hairdressers and said to them chop it off. Chop it all off. And chop it off they did. As I sat in the chair, eyes squeezed shut, I thought…

Oh God.

Why? Why did I agree to this? As I felt the weight of my beloved locks be hacked away.

What a horrible mistake this has been! How much of a massive butch gay am I going to look?

But then I opened my eyes. I looked at my new do. Sleek fringe across my forehead, coolly spiky around the back. I glanced over at T, sat in the chair beside me,  looking equally as awesome.

Huh. You know. This ain’t half bad. And as time goes on I have realised something.

I should have done this years ago! Bloody hell. Washing my hair takes a few measly minutes. Hair doesn’t fall in my face every time I move my head. I can wake up in the morning and barely do a thing. Glorious!

So as my daily advice to you long haired lesbians. Considering biting the bullet and shooting for short? Do it.

- R

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