Wednesday, 1 May 2013

All I Want Is More

Oh Lord,

My ever approaching exams are seeming more scary and impossible by the day. I’ve been concentrating much more on my self-pity than on actual revision.


Maybe it’s time to snap out of that now.

But I still can’t quite get my head the fact that over 2 years with R are just finished. It’s a very odd sensation. Weirder still are the little habits that I need to change. I need to lock the door when I shower now. I don’t always have to make 2 cups of tea. When I’m walking next to her, I can’t hold her hand.

Little…but hugely depressing things.

More annoyingly, I also have to now find a housemate for next year.
Now I’m this massive, klutzy, scatter-brained introvert as well as a terrible judge of character. So the thought of having to find, meet and get to know a person to decide if I can live with them for 12 months is rather daunting.

Here is a list of what I wish for in my ideal housemate:

-Won’t steal my food
-Likes wine
-Will rinse the shower after using it
-Has an equally crappy love life
-Doesn’t ever have sex in the house

…I feel my list gets more demanding and unlikely as it goes on.

But I realise that you can’t really know what someone is going to be like to live with until it’s far too late. I’m dreading a repeat of my year living with B1 and B2. That was just awful. And messy. And dirty.


One can hope.


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