Saturday, 4 May 2013

Lass Mich Los

So I just did something potentially a little rash…

and crazy.

Actually, it most definitely is both rash and crazy.


I’ve unquestionably lost my mind.

In the last few days I have done the following:

  1. Dropped out of the Masters course I was due to start next year
  2. Terminated my house contract for next year  
  3. And applied to be an au pair
                                           …in Germany

I’m packing up. Leaving my Uni course. Leaving my house. And apparently now also leaving the country.

I’ve had a few German families contact me, asking for some more information and asking about my interest in going to work and live with them for a year.

Now my initial problem is that while I do speak German…I haven’t spoken it properly in about 4 years, so it’s rusty to say the least. So I’m replying to all these lovely families in broken German and being terrified for the skype interviews they’re setting up to talk to me face to face…

Oh Lord.

I don’t do well in interviews in the first place, let alone ones in foreign languages…

But then comes my bigger problem…do I mention the fact I’m gay?

On the one hand, I could just not mention it, get a placement and head out over there and hope that they’re cool with it or that it never comes up. But then I am of course running the risk of them being hugely homophobic and being thrown out on my arse in the middle of Mannheim if they ever discover it.

Which doesn’t sound too fun.

Or I could mention it and just risk not getting a placement and have to live with my parents for a year while I try to find a job…

Which sounds almost as bad as the first option.


So right now I’m plumping for option C. Where I subtly slip it into the emails and messages I send them. Saying things like “…at the moment I’m living with my ex-girlfriend”.

Now this is a fantastic plan…if only the word for “girlfriend” and the word for “boyfriend” in German weren’t only 2 letters different…

Which combined with my (currently) terrible German grammar, it wouldn’t be hugely surprising if they laugh it off as a funny typo that I’d written.

"Haha, sie ist so lustig..."

So that’s my new plan.

My potentially disastrous new plan.



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