Sunday, 26 May 2013

Man Eater

I have noticed something very odd since becoming single.

We all know that boys are weird.

Very, very weird.

But since being single, nearly all the boys in my life have been acting more odd than usual.

The first question they seem to ask me when discovering my new singledom, is if I am still into girls.


A broken heart has not turned me off women. I’m not like the occasional straight girl you hear, who at the first snub from a bloke declares her intentions to convert to lesbianism.

But this doesn’t seem to deter the blokes.

I had one guy, who unfortunately was devastatingly sexy in braces and sporting impressive sideburns, ran through every ignorant straight-man pick up line while grinding against my arse while I was trying to order wine.

It was grim.

Hopefully this surge of manly interest in me will wane and I can go back to hopelessly staring at girls who I think might be lesbians and silently willing them to come talk to me.

A good plan, yes?


1 comment:

  1. So true, this happens to me. People seem to think that because I am single I am open to dating men. I get, 'But I thought you were bisexual'. I also hopelessly stare at girls and will them to come talk to me, maybe I should just start a conversation and hope for the best next time! x