Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Shake It Out

So things are moving on.

Slowly, but surely.

I’m over half way through my exams now. I’m actively going out more and spending more time with my friends. I’ve dropped a dress size, which is lovely, though it does mean that none of my clothes fit me properly any more. I can even occasionally go an entire day without wanting to curl into a ball and pretend I’m somewhere else and someone else. 

I sent off my official contract today for my au pair position in Germany, which is horrendously exciting. I have a lovely family waiting for me at the end of August which thankfully will give me plenty of time to remember how to actually converse properly in German.

I’m really just waiting until these exams are over and I can start fixing myself properly.

Obviously starting first with a week of just being perpetually drunk. 


I promise soon I will start writing about fun things rather than constantly complaining about the following subjects:

  • R
  • Exams
  • I’m sad

My bad.

Please stick with me.


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