Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Too Much Drama

Good Lord.

All the drama’s coming out of the woodwork now, isn’t it?
What happened to my nice quiet days of lamenting that my life was dull and drama free?


So the latest drama to unfold began, unbeknownst to me, about a year ago.

I was chatting with my man-friend JC and his girlfriend, AB. As often happens when a group of people possess filthy minds and have had a few gins, the talk turned to sex. At some point in the conversation, AB felt the need to share the “fact” with me that lesbian sex is in fact, not sex at all.

It doesn’t count apparently.

Who knew?!

Despite my arguing the contrary, she continued to spill her wealth of Sapphic knowledge upon me not listening to what the actual lesbian sitting in front of her was saying.

Never mind.

The next day, JC texted me and apologised, asking if I was alright. I mentioned something along the lines of “I’m fine. But I felt like punching AB in the face last night. Ha ha”.

A bad move on my behalf apparently, as AB evidentially reads through all of JCs messages.

Fun fun.

I then moved on with my life.

AB obviously…did not.

So a year later of holding a grudge and withholding JC’s friendship from me, she’s now also spreading this lovely rumour that I was cheating on R.

…Cheers for that.*

I feel like I’m back in Primary school. I was willing to let the evening of her horrendous and hurtful ignorance slide, do the grown up  thing and seethe for a day or so and then move on.

Not this chick.

She’s been seething for well over 12 months. And it’s reached the point where it’s all just bubbling over now.

Wonderful...but no thanks.

I do not need any more crazy, lying chicks in my life.

My quota has been filled for this year.


(*Do I really need to add a disclaimer saying this is all obviously bollocks? ...I don't know. Well...for the record, it's all lies. I never cheated on R. I've never cheated on anyone. I'm a huge goody-two-shoes who doesn't like stamping on people's hearts.)


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  2. absolutely great writing! i love true story drama or not i have many people i work with that i could shit like this all the time....hurray for you!