Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bad Reputation

So I seem to have spun a little out of control.

My sister insists I should just chalk my recent doings up to “life experience” and I’m inclined to agree.

...I should explain.

Before R, I was always a huge goody two shoes when it came to sex and relationships. I was never one for fooling about with strangers. Never had a one night stand. Always took things at a horrendously slow pace. Very sensible. Very dull.

Suffice to say, I was limited within my sister’s classification of “Life Experience”.

…Not so much anymore.

No. I seem to be embracing this new single period in my life like I never had before.

Over Christmas I was in England at the pub with my friend F, and our conversation turned to recent embarrassing one night experiences.

I thought one of mine in particular was awkward as when I awoke the morning after, I discovered she didn’t speak a word of English. (I’m still not entirely sure how I managed that one.) After an awkward cup of tea, I found myself outside in some unknown corner of the city and wandered around for about 20 minutes before finally stumbling upon a tram station and attempted to sneak back into my house as quietly as possible like I was 16.

 But poor F.

F recounted his story, which began with meeting a lovely lady. He shared more than a couple of drinks with said lady. Got on a bus back to her place. Hopped off the bus to throw up. Hopped back on the bus to continue on to her place. Then immediately curled up in her bed and fell asleep.



And while I realise rebounding isn’t the worse thing in the world I could be doing right now, it’s starting to feel like I need to reign myself in. Because I’m starting to do stupid things.

…really stupid things.

Apparently, I did not learn anything from my caving experience and over new year’s, ended up in a situation which made me laugh with how similar it was to Tina in the L-Word.

Except, for better or worse, the combination of wine and tequila allowed me to block out most of his idiocy and the next morning was suitably awkward as I shuffled about the aftermath of a New Year's party, desperately trying to avoid my childhood friend.

Aside from inevitable awkward mornings-after and my sister's jokes about me being straight, I am re-discovering some of the joys of being single. For example, I forgot how much I enjoy my own company. Before R, I would spend the majority of my time alone, because that’s how I preferred it. So, at first it, was a bit of a shock after 2 years or so of near constant companionship to be thrown back into it.


So although being single is letting me to return back to my old self and allowing me new *ahem* "Life Experiences", I'm thinking I should start to curb my rebounding before I manage to do something spectacularly stupid.



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