Tuesday, 18 February 2014

It Don't Mean A Thing

A few weeks ago I made the unfortunate and unwitting mistake of going home with a girl with whom I had mutual friends. 

Obviously, I did not know this at the time.

use it’s a fucking terrible idea.   

Don’t do it.

It made for a very fun evening when I turned up at a friend’s house for a party, only to then run into said girl.

Oh God.

So we awkwardly made small talk and avoided the subject of my sneaking out of her flat at 5 in the morning the weekend before.

Just to make things worse, at this gathering, Russia pulled me outside and asked me what was going on with me and Other Girl.

…Because there were rumours. 

Rumours that we were together.

That we were a “thing” now. 


So after a chastising from Russia about my recent conduct, we shuffled back inside and before I’d even had time to top up my wine, Other Girl very unsubtly dragged me back outside and initiated The Conversation.

Everyone knows about The Conversation.

The Conversation about “What are we doing?” and “Where is this going?

That bloody conversation with 3 very different outcomes.

1) Both of you want to be together
How wonderful! A lovely little relationship can now bloom from what began as a casual shag. A love story to last through the ages and share with the grandkids. 

2) Neither of you wants to be together
Awesome. Acknowledge it was fun. Keep it low key. Move on with your lives. 

 3) Only one of you wants to be together
Where one person asks “What’s going on between us?" and the other backs away slowly towards the door.

No one enjoys this 3rd outcome, from either perspective. But I assure you it’s a thousand times worse when you’re having it in your second language, a room full of your friends are 10 feet away and you’re faced with a pissed off girl and an empty wine glass. 

Needless to say, it was awkward…and she wasn’t happy.

So my record of attracting drama to myself remains intact, but at least for once I’ve brou
ght the drama on myself.

Which makes a nice change.

...Well, it's a change anyway.

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