Sunday, 30 March 2014

Fighting For My Love

I remember once, what seems like forever ago, R and I went to a debate taking place at our University between the Christian society and the LGBT society.

The panel of speakers included a vicar, someone from the National Student Union and someone from a Gay Student Union of some kind.

I’m not entirely sure why our University thought this was a good idea, as it was literally an entire evening of listening to Christians tell all the gays that we were disgusting and going to hell.


But one point I remember very clearly from that debate, was that at one point the vicar stood up and said:

“Marriage is a religious institution. Why would anyone gay want that? Why would gay people want to get married in a church anyway?”

And I threw up my hand, told him he was stupid because I was Catholic and still wanted to get married in a church and then promptly burst into tears and made him feel very uncomfortable.

But R put her arm around me, introduced herself as my partner and proceeded to explain my point far more eloquently than my sobbing self, while I buried my face in her shoulder and felt embarrassed for the next hour and wished I could disappear.

But now?

Fuck that guy!

Because as of yesterday, same-sex marriage is legal in England and Wales.

Congratulations to Teresa Millward and Helen Brearley, the first lesbian couple to marry.

And we can get married in Churches too as long as they agree.


Screw you Vicar-Man.

This newly instated law will do more for the LGBT community than the government realises. We’re really on our way to being truly equal now. Young people who are all worried and unsure of their orientation can look and see that relationships, gay and straight and everything inbetween, are okay and valid.

Yay England!


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