Friday, 11 April 2014

Stay Home

I’ve been missing England recently.

Not that this land of Bratwurst and Lederhosen isn’t lovely. But I miss my island of tea and crumpets.

I visited R this past week for a weekend of wine, movies, breakfast in bed and silent sex because her housemate’s parents were visiting.

We even invented a new drinking game which we’ve named Wine Tide.
The aim of this game is to sit below hide tide line as the tide is coming in, and see if you can drink an entire bottle of wine before the tide hits you.

...we failed.
Somewhat miserably...

Despite R’s desperate chugging, which was however hilarious to watch.

But I’m longing for my homeland at the moment. For the sea. The inexcusable politeness. The instinctive need to queue.

I miss it.

I also miss my independence. Not that I don’t have free range and all the space I want during my time off while I’m here and living with my host family, but I feel peer pressured by my some 30-something host parents into going and “living my life to the full”.


I have, on at least 2 occasions, been forced to go out on a Friday evening because I am “young” and should be “enjoying” myself. But what they don’t understand is that whilst, yes, I am young, sitting in with a cuppa and a movie is me “enjoying” myself.

I think they were secretly pleased when I went through my phase of sneaking in at 4 am and turning up to breakfast thoroughly disheveled and refusing solid foods.

At one point I thought that my old granny tendencies of wanting to stay in and read and knit were because I was in a comfy little love nest with R and throwing ourselves into the lesbian urge to merge.

But it turns out….it’s just me.

This is who I am now.

I’m a lady who wants a good cuppa tea and a documentary and not be guilt tripped into unreasonably late nights and early morning hangovers.

So for now I shall sit with my hot beverages and books and work through my last 4 months of my contract here before catching a train back to England and my Lady and hopefully some new and waiting form of employment.

(especially that last part)


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