Thursday, 7 August 2014

Dear Friends

So my time in Germany has drawn to a close.

And as I write I’m snuggled in my childhood bedroom staving off another bought of tonsillitis.


Preparing for my new scary move to yet another new scary city I’m beginning to think about how I have to go through the ridiculous malarkey of finding friends again.

I don’t really make friends easily.

I’m socially awkward. 
I’m fairly quiet if I don’t know you. 
And just in general…I’m not a huge fan of people.

Wonderful combination right there.

So making friends is hard.

In Germany, I didn’t make proper friends for quite a while, and even as I was leaving my friend pool was more like a puddle. Because I take a while to warm up to people, and I’m an acquired taste too I suppose…

Long story short…friend making is hard for me.

So as I was looking back on how I made friends in Germany, and evaluating how I could improve for when I move this week, I realised that I had no straight friends in Germany.

Not a one.


All my friends are gay.

And I realise that Germany was kind of a special case, because in a place where I didn’t even share a common language with anyone, I kind of latched onto any similarity I could find with people, which in this case was being a big ol' homo.

But is this a bad thing?

Should I be finding myself a token straight friend? So I can use terms like “breeder” and then flippantly say “I have a straight friend, it’s okay, I can say that”?

So my task for next week is to branch out and spice up my circle of friends.

Also to not leave a month between posts.

…also to have them be mildly more interesting.

My bad.



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  1. Glad you're back :-) I really enjoy your blog