Sunday, 13 September 2015

Things That Stop You Dreaming

Well jeez, I’ve been rubbish at writing.

Sorry for the impromptu break. I’ve been off traveling through Japan, getting engaged to R and starting work again after a glorious 6 weeks off for the school summer holidays

Busy times.

After being engaged for 2 weeks and realising I have zero clue how to plan a wedding in 18 months, I picked up a few bridal magazines, to be confronted with pages upon pages of straight couples simpering out at me.

When I found a single page describing the differences between civil partnerships and marriage I squealed and thrust the magazine under R’s nose, before realising how sad that was, that I was so pleased to find a single page out hundreds that had any reference to gays.

So for now my bridal magazines lie abandoned, as I ponder over lesbian wedding issues that they cannot help me with. For example, bouquets?  Are they meant to match? Co-ordinate? Be completely different? Same with dresses – there are a million variations on the colour white, and nearly all clash when put next to each other.
So I gave up on dresses and flowers and turned to what I thought would be a simpler task of looking for a location. And after 2 solid days of looking for a venue that wasn’t a tacky hotel or cost the equivalent of a mortgage deposit, I had a complete wedding brain crash and found myself curled up, slowly rocking on my sofa watching Orange is the New Black and gently sobbing.
I moved onto what I foolishly thought would be the simpler task of drawing up a draft guest list, before realising that mine and R’s families will not mix well. My family are mostly middle class, very conservative people, and soon they shall be faced with a room full of very loud (drunk) northerners.

R has one delightful Aunt who, once she has a few whiskeys in her, encourages everyone to feel her fake boob, who I’m very tempted to sit next to my straight-laced, old fashioned Grandmother.
I also have no doubt that my lovely, but slightly racist, Father will potter round making a fool of himself. But he will be no match for R’s brother, who has no concept of personal boundaries or general social protocol.

So apart from there being more brides and bouquets than your average wedding, everything else will be the same. There will still be embarrassing speeches, innapropriate relatives and a bride freaking out (that will be me).

True marriage equality.

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