Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Better Together

I’ve done a brave and potentially stupid thing.

In my new city, there’s not really much of an LGBT scene. It’s almost like a big gay black hole. There’s nothing happening. It’s all been sucked into nothingness.


So….I started an LGBT group.

Yep, that’s right.


The anti-social nerdy scientist, who hates crowds and small talk….I have started a social group.

What was I thinking?


As the first meeting got closer, I started having more and more visions of 3 lonely people turning up, sitting round a table staring silently into beer and after 30 minutes running away, claiming they needed to feed the cat.

But actually…it went well. There was booze, chat, laugher.

I won’t lie. There were awkward events that we should have foreseen. Like 2 exes showing up and uncomfortably sitting next to each other. When the lesbian scene is as small as it is here, we were always bound to stumble on some pre-made drama.

Oh, but I can see many more drama filled events on the horizon with the weird mix of lesbians we have joining this group. 


There is a Shane-like lady who had most of the female members trailing after her, there’s 2 exes who obviously still have a little spark for each other and one creepy lady who skulked in the corner and trying to make conversation with her was like trying to talk to a marshmallow.

But this is all part of my long-game plan to actually make some friends in this city. Because although some of my closest and oldest friends are straight, I have no sodding clue what to talk to them about. 

They talk about things that are entirely alien to me, like high heels, blow jobs and whatever bottle cap plumping is. 


So here I am. Trying to unite the city’s LGBT community... All for the selfish reason of me being able to make friends with a minimal effort. Apparently whilst watching some drama unfold.

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